Behind the scenes Video – Interrogation Photo

Sometimes, I think people don’t realize the amount of work that can go into creating just one image.  I thought I would give everyone an in-depth look at the interrogation photo I recently put together.

There is a really cool machinery room below a 50 meter pool in New Jersey.  I wanted to do something down there for a while and thought that an interrogation type photo would be a lot of fun.  I asked my friend Gregg to play the cop and my friend Chris sat in as the “bad guy”.  Steve Williams of Persempre Videos came along to create a “making of” video which is included in this post.

Steve and I made the trip down to South Jersey on a Saturday.  We met Gregg and Chris and headed down to the machinery room.  First step… How am I going to light this?  The first light I used was the one illuminating Chris in the chair.  I used a Nikon SB 910 with a 40 degree grid spot directly across from him, which is to camera right.  The next light I set up was the one on the left that you can actually see in the image.  This light was used to illuminate the pipes behind Chris, give a bit of a rim light along his arm, and most importantly, backlight the water that he was spitting out of his mouth as he was getting punched.  My favorite light in the image is the one at the top of the stairs.  This Nikon SB-900 was set up high pointing down to create the nice highlights you see on the edge of each step, as well as the railings.  The last SB-900 was a little tricky.  I wanted to light Gregg without casting Chris’s shadow on him.  After a bit of trial and error it was placed high in the pipes above Chris, pointing down on Gregg.

The wireless transmitters I was using to fire the strobes were being extremely inconsistent; I was having trouble getting them all to fire at the same time.  I would say I was getting an acceptable exposure every fifth shot.  This is quite an annoying problem to have.  Looking at the images afterwards and finding something I like but can’t use, because a strobe didn’t fire, drives me insane.  Well, that is the last time that will happen because I was able to acquire Pocket Wizard Plus III after this shoot; I recommend them highly.  Consistency is key!

The interrogation light at the top of the image did have a bulb in it, but the effect you see was created post-production by David Van Allen.  David’s work consists of art, design and animation.  I was lucky enough to stumble across him a couple months ago while trying to find someone that could take my work to the next level.  I feel extremely lucky to be working with him.  His work is truly amazing.  Sometimes my imagination reaches beyond what can be captured in camera… That’s where Dave steps in.  Thanks Dave!!!  You can really get a grasp for what he did to this image in the “making of” video included in this post.

This photo was really a group effort and I think the video Steve created really gives a terrific portrayal of the way I work, and what exactly goes into the creation of one of my images.  Thanks so much to David Van Allen, Steve Williams, Chris Hingston and Gregg Vella for all your help.

Now check out the video!

Chris Razoyk



  1. Very impressive, and the video is awesome! You should make more videos like this, they’re fun to watch. By the way, I get compliments all the time on the 65 photo I got from you back in the day.

    • Thanks Dan, so glad you enjoyed it! More coming soon, next one should be pretty cool! Thanks for the support over the years man, I am super thankful to everyone that has been helping me along this journey!

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