The Goalie – 4 Light Portrait

Last night I had the opportunity to shoot Luis Giovanni Paz for this 4 light portrait, he plays goal for one of the local teams here in South Jersey.  My intentions were to create three images here… An editorial portrait shot, an action shot and finally a more commercial image that will be put together by my retoucher down the road, once I have all the pieces for it.

The image above was created using 4 Nikon SB-900s.  I thought backlighting the net would separate it from the background and make the orange pop a bit for this 4 light portrait.  This light is also providing a highlight on the top of his head. The next two lights I set up were one to camera left, and to camera right.  These lights illuminate his arms, hands and the sides of his face.  The last light we used was a SB-900 on a monopod with an attached soft box , placed just over, and in front of his head.  This is lighting the front of his face and providing the nice shadow under his nose.  The soccer ball is also benefitting from this overhead light.  Yes… I made a bit of a mistake.  I should have had one more strobe setup in front of him, to provide a catch light in his eye.  Well, I learn something every time I shoot.  Yesterday I learned I can’t do without one.  Still a great image, but it could have been better.

Below are a couple unedited images from the 4 light portrait that will help you put the pieces together on how each of these lights serve thier purpose.  Huge thanks to Nick Ameen for the assist!!!

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  1. My compliments for “The Golie” pictures. Mastering the elements of lights, shadows and colors is not an easy task. You did an awesome job, very professional and COMMERCIAL!! Besides, the golie has that intimidating expression that worth a chance in a good team!

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