Welcome to the blog of Chris Razoyk, here is a little about the Commercial and Editorial photographer located in the Philadelphia area…

I grew up north of Boston. After attending Seton Hall University, I wasn’t certain which direction I wanted my life to take. I decided to join the U. S. Coast Guard to become a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, a small group consisting of around 300 members most recently depicted in such shows as Coast Guard Alaska, Deadliest Catch and of course the movie The Guardian. Over a period of 12 years I had been stationed in Astoria, OR, Miami, FL and Atlantic City, NJ. I had some truly amazing rescue experiences during that time: pulling hypothermic victims from the ocean, saving vessels from sinking, countless medical evacuations, as well as a few cliff rescues. I made some life long friends, and even had a couple life threatening situations myself along the way. Early in my Coast Guard career, I became drawn to photography. I bought a Nikon N65 and started reading book after book on this new hobby that had me completely captivated. When I moved to Florida in 2002, the passion for photography was overwhelming, the desire to learn more brought me to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where I was first introduced to strobes. I found that portrait photography and the use of creative lighting techniques to create a dramatic image was my passion. In the years since I picked up that first camera, I have worked diligently to refine and create my own style. I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients and create some amazing images, some of which were featured in Rangefinder magazine, along with a 6 page article on my portrait work. It has been an amazing journey thus far, I am looking forward to whatever opportunities and challenges cross my path. I really do believe that anything is possible… every day ahead is an opportunity to prove that. -Christopher Razoyk

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