Rear Sync Flash? Yes please!

For those of you that dabble in photography and are getting comfortable using off camera strobes, setting your camera to rear sync flash or rear-curtain may solve a huge issue you may be having.  The reason I am writing this post is because I recently jacked up my last two sports shoots with my camera not set to rear sync flash.  I usually  always leave my camera setting in rear sync flash, but hey, there are a lot of buttons on a camera and apparently I must have bumped it out of this mode.  I would get home and look through my photos, I became baffled at why my images were not crisp.  I was having motion blur on fast moving subjects and it was really irritating me.  I was shooting at 250th of a second and still, the motion blur.  Knowing that I always leave my settings on rear sync flash mode to maintain crisp images, I knew that couldn’t be the problem.  Well, after my second shoot, I went back and checked my settings… Yup, not in rear sync flash mode.

So here is the deal with rear sync AKA rear curtain.  When your camera is set to rear sync flash, the flash fires when the shutter is closing… at the end of the exposure.  In other modes the flash fires as the shutter is opening, and results in motion blur.  Now yes, there is the possibility of your subject still having some motion blur depending on how fast they are moving, but rear sync flash should greatly reduce the chance of that.  The below unedited outtakes display the problems I was having with my camera not set to rear sync mode.  The runner presents a haze around her legs and sneakers, and the football player has it at his head, shoulder, fingers as well as the edge of the ball.  Luckily I have an amazing photo editor (David Van Allen) that cleaned up my issue in post.  Hope this helps, I recommend you give it a try.

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Chris Razoyk


Rear Sync Flash mode

No Rear Sync Flash

Rear Sync Flash

No rear Sync Flash


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