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Recently, I decided to attend NYCFotoworks on a recommendation from my photography consultant Neil Binkley.  NYCFotoworks is a portfolio review event in New York City held at Go Studios.  Photographers have the opportunity to sit and meet with art buyers from ad agencies, magazine photo editors and photography agents at NYCFotoworks.  This is a pretty big deal seeing that these are the people hiring photographers to create images for Nike, Reebok, Powerade, Converse, The U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Sports Illustrated, Jordan Brand, ESPN, Footlocker… the list goes on and on, but of course these are the people that get me excited.

I needed to update my print portfolio for NYCFotoworks… Anyone who knows me, knows I go big.  Anything I do, I try and do to the best of my ability.  I’ll be there with some extremely talented photographers, so I thought now would be the right time to create the best presentation possible.  For anyone wanting to create a damn nice photography print portfolio, here is an idea of how to go about it.

The first thing I would recommend is having someone edit your portfolio.  What I mean by this is to have a professional review the images you would like to use.  This person will remove photographs that may look out of place, and organize the images to create a flow creating a powerful impact on the viewer.  Neil Binkley edited my portfolio, and wow, does it make a difference.  If experienced people are reviewing your portfolio, they are definitely going to know if you just slapped it together yourself. The sessions with the reviewers are 15 minutes, the last thing I want to do is sit there and have them tell me that my book is disorganized.  I am there to make a good impression… not a sloppy one.  Yes, there were images I would have loved to include in my book, some of my favorites actually, but when Neil speaks I listen… so they were excluded.

Next was the design and layout of the portfolio for NYCFotoworks.  We started with one image per page with a half inch white border surrounding it.  This looked okay, but after further discussion, Neil thought laying out a photo on each page full bleed, running onto the next page would look a bit more refined.  This actually improved the presentation 20-30 percent.  I was a big fan.

I worked with Lincoln Miller at Pushdot Studios located in Portland, Oregon for the printing of the images on Moab Entrada two sided rag.  I can not speak highly enough of the service Lincoln and Pushdot Studios provided.  The layout Neil and I sent Lincoln was a bit more involved due to the images running across the binding, but Lincoln handled it with ease.  It truly looks outstanding.

Finally, I had to consider which type of portfolio would hold my images.  Lost Luggage offers some contemporary books that are made with a variety of materials and ranging in sizes up to 11″ x 17″.  I ended up purchasing a grey felt 11″ x 14″ book, but I regret not bumping it up to the 17″.  They also have some cases, but I think they are in the process of phasing those out.  I did snag one of the neoprene bags they offer… Pretty handy if you fall off a boat with it in your hand.

Here are some images I created of the final product for NYCFotoworks.  Oh… one other thing… You can get the shirt at Macy’s Ha Ha… Made by EZEKIEL.  “All we have is now.”

Check out and subscribe to this blog by inserting your email on the side bar.  I hope this was informative if you are attending NYCFotoworks!

Chris Razoyk


NYCFotoworks Portfolio


NYCFotoworks Portfolio


NYCFotoworks Portfolio


NYCFotoworks Portfolio case


NYCFotoworks Portfolio


NYCFotoworks Portfolio


NYCFotoworks Portfolio

Lost-Luggage-Portfolio-Razoyk-NYC-Fotoworks-4  Lost-Luggage-Portfolio-Razoyk-NYC-Fotoworks-6



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